Can 50% of All Women Have Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

The most commonly cited figure for obstructive sleep apnea in women is 9%, but a more recent study out of Sweden revealed that 50% of women had an AHI of 5 or more. Of note, sleep apnea in women was statistically related to age, obesity and hypertension, but not daytime sleepiness. Rates of obstructive sleep apnea differ amongst […]

New High Blood Pressure Treatment: Missing Sleep Apnea?

I ran across this article in the Wall Street Journal detailing a new surgical procedure that treats people with medication  resistant high blood pressure. The procedure involves placing catheters in the reman artery, and cutting or ablating the nerves that supply the nerve ending that reach the kidneys. The criteria for entry include resistance to […]

CPAP May Prevent High Blood Pressure

Here are results from two European studies that suggest that treating obstructive sleep apnea with CPAP may prevent the onset of high blood pressure. One observational study showed that having normotensive patients with sleep apnea at baseline had a 29% lower risk of developing hypertension if they used CPAP after 12 years. Another randomized study showed […]

Why Hypertension Is More Lethal For African Americans

Blacks with high blood pressure were found to be twice as likely to suffer sudden cardiac death compared to other racial groups. A study published in HeartRhythm found that this was the case regardless of other other factors such as age, gender, family history, weight, diabetes or previous history of heart disease. What they don’t mention is that […]

Lack of Deep Sleep Can Cause High Blood Pressure

Here’s another article which confirms what we already know: That lack of deep sleep can cause high blood pressure. We’ve known for years that sleep fragmentation can increase your adrenaline response at night during sleep, preventing the normal lowering of your blood pressure during sleep. Not having this “dipping” phenomenon is tied to having hypertension during […]