81% of Patients Admitted To The Hospital May Have Sleep Apnea

I wrote in my book, Sleep, Interrupted about my observation that one possible reason why people have so many heart attacks in hospitals is that they’re forced to sleep on their backs, when they’re normally side or stomach sleepers. Here’s a related study that’s really scary: Researchers from Loyola University Chicago showed that using a […]

Does Having Sleep Apnea Prolong Life in the Elderly?

Here's a twist to the typical story about sleep apnea you don't see every day. A prominent sleep researcher in Israel discovered that elderly people with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea where less likely to die than their counterparts who didn't have sleep apnea. Their explanation is that years of hypoxia promoted increased collateral […]

Solutions For Your Biggest Holiday Health Risk

According to a study that looked at 53 million U.S. death certificates issued from 1973 to 2001, researchers found a significant overall increase (5%) in heart related deaths during the winter holiday season, with the highest number of cardiac deaths occurring on December 25, the second highest on December 26, and the third highest on […]