Can Your Jaws Be Expanded Without Surgery?

Conventional dental wisdom states that the adult jaws can’t be enlarged. Recently, orthodontists have shown that you can straighten teeth in adults, but many dentists are still skeptical about claims of being able to expand the jaw without doing any type of surgery. For many years, a number of dentists have debunked these claims. Dr. […]

Expert Interview: Epigenetic Orthodontics with Dr. Dave Singh

Expert Interview with Dr. Dave Singh, who is the author of Epigenetic Orthodontics and inventor of the DNA appliance. We discuss: – What is Epigenetic Orthodontics? – How is Epigenetic Orthodontics different from conventional orthodontics? – Sleep apnea as a craniofacial problem – How the DNA appliance can help obstructive sleep apnea – How is […]