The Most Overlooked Solution for Weight Loss

        Discover the REAL reasons why most weight loss plans fail… Dr. Park interviews Ms. Tara Marie Segundo who shares The Most Overlooked Solutions for Weight Loss. Tara is an award winning Pro Natural Figure Competitor and a credentialed fitness authority who is a frequent contributor in several top health and fitness magazines, and […]

Beat the Sugar Habit (Before It Beats You)

Expert Interview with Peter Lappin   Dr. Park Interviews an immensely knowledgeable health counselor and top-notch nutrition expert, Mr. Peter Lappin on how to beat the sugar addiction. During this 57 minute call, Peter shares his eye-opening insights on how pervasive sugar has become in all our foods and how to avoid it without depriving yourself. […]

Answers to Your Top 10 Fitness Questions

Proven Methods For Getting Fit and Staying That Way… In this Expert Interview Series, expert personal trainer and fitness consultant, Tara Marie Segundo, discusses her proven and effective methods for getting and staying in shape. A highly sought-after physical trainer and top-notch fitness expert, Ms. Segundo’s insights on health and fitness are eye-opening and enlightening.During this […]

10 Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating

Many patients find that the holidays are often incompatible with their diet and exercise regiments. But before you sabotage in two short weeks what you’ve worked so hard to maintain the previous 11 months, take heed of the following advice from expert holistic nutritional counselor, Peter Lappin.  These tips not only can help you avoid […]

No Magic Bullets

I’ve stated before that the vast majority of conditions that patients come to see me for (over 90%) are directly a result of the person’s diet, lifestyle, and stress factors. A broken nose, a foreign body or an abscess are acute conditions that can be treated quickly, but many symptoms that I see such as […]