How Finger Foods for Babies Can Prevent Obesity

Modern life leads to a number of unexpected consequences. Here’s an interesting study showing that infants that are weaned from liquid diets to finger foods rather than being spoon-fed pureé diets are much less likely to be obese later in life. In spite of the fact that infants in the spoon-fed group were offered more fruits, […]

Missing Teeth = Poor Health?

Ever since I began seeing patients in my new position at Montefiore medical center, I’ve been surprised by how many patients have missing teeth. In fact, many have no teeth at all, and often have to wear dentures, especially if they’re in the elderly years. Not too surprisingly, these same patients also have a number […]

How Breast Feeding Improves Children’s Behavior

There are numerous studies on the health benefits of breast feeding, and here’s another one that supports my sleep-breathing paradigm, that your overall state of health is directly proportional to how well formed your jaws are as you age (and subsequently your breathing passageways). Researchers from Oxford University in the UK found that infants who […]

Dog Sniffing, Sleep Apnea, & Facial Profiling

Someone just emailed me a link to an article showing that dogs can be trained to detect colon cancer in breath and stool samples, even in its’ early stages. He asked if this could be applied to sleep apnea. I though long and hard about this. There are so many metabolites in urine, stools, sweat, […]

Breast-Fed Boys Grow Up To Be Smarter

Here’s a study that showed that boys that were breast-fed as infants for at least 6 months do better in school compared with boys that were bottle-fed. Enhanced nutrients in breast mild and mother-infant bonding were thought to be reasons for this finding. Breast-fed girls also has mild increases in test scores, but the results […]