Rising Rates of Obesity & Sleep Apnea in China

Western diets and lifestyles are taking a toll on China. A recent population study revealed that as of 2010, an average of 38.5% of Chinese over age 15 have a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or greater (overweight or obese). Four percent are considered obese (BMI > 30). This is a 54% increase in […]

Expert Interview: Dr. Raymond Silkman, Holistic Dentist

In this Expert Interview, I talk with Dr. Raymond Silkman, a holistic dentist, who will reveal his unique perspective on how our diets have ruined our health, mainly by causing our jaws to shrink. Dr. Silkman reveals: – How modern orthodontics can ruin your sleep quality – How dental crowding can lead to nasal congestion – […]