CPAP Can Improve HDL Cholesterol Levels

With all the talk about sleep apnea and its’ association with high blood pressure and diabetes, little has been mentioned about how obstructive sleep apnea can affect your cholesterol and other lipid levels. We already know that OSA is linked with fatty liver syndrome. It’s not surprising that treating obstructive sleep apnea with CPAP has been shown to […]

CPAP Can Help With Metabolic Syndrome

We already know that treating obstructive sleep apnea can help you to sleep better, but there’s been conflicting studies showing the benefits of CPAP on high blood pressure, diabetes, or risk of heart disease. However, for the most part, CPAP has been found to be helpful with hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular risk factors. Here’s a small […]

Can Sleep Apnea Raise Your Cholesterol Levels?

There's been a lot of press coverage about good and bad cholesterol, as well as studies about various medications that are used to lower high cholesterol levels. The problem with the one variable paradigm of medicine is that illness is not solely a function of one elevated blood test finding. There are hundreds, if not […]

Sleep Apnea, Statins, & Stroke: A Travesty?

The standard of care after stroke these days is to give high-dose statins (cholesterol lowering drugs), in order to prevent a second stroke. Researchers reported that although rates of statin therapy after stoke are improving (from 75 to 85%), more needs to be done to encourage doctors to prescribe statins to everyone who suffers a […]