Expert Interview: Dr. Emerson Wickwire On Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for CPAP

Dr. Emerson Wickwire currently serves as Sleep Medicine Program Director at Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Associates in Columbia, Maryland. He also holds the rank of Assistant Professor, part-time, at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, where he completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in sleep. Dr. Wickwire is board certified both in behavioral sleep medicine […]

Is Insomnia Caused By Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Common sleep medicine dogma states that chronic insomnia is a completely separate disorder from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). But just like other seemingly disparate medical conditions, there’s increasing evidence that there may be a certain degree of overlap between these two conditions. It’s been shown that anywhere from 39 to 58% of patients with OSA also have […]

The Truth About Sleeping Pills, Herbs, and Natural Remedies

You’ve been tossing and turning for the past two hours, and you need to get a good night’s sleep in preparation for that important presentation in the morning. Insomnia is a common condition that almost everyone has suffered from at one time or another, but for some people, it can be not only a major […]

Have You Checked Your GABA Levels Lately?

GABA is a neurotransmitter that shows up once in a while that’s linked to a number of various medical and psychiatric disorders. One of the more recent studies was published in the 11/08 issue of Sleep (a summary can be seen here). Chronic insomniacs were found to have 30% less GABA activity in their brains. This […]

Is Insomnia Really A Sleep-Breathing Problem?

Sleep doctors have always thought of insomnia as a behavioral or stress aggravated issue, and the standard ways of treating this all-too-common condition is to either give sleeping pills or have the patient undergo cognitive behavioral therapy. However, a recent study directed by Dr. Barry Krakow at the Sleep and Human Health Institute is looking […]