Fluoride: Friend or Foe?

brushing teeth with fluoride toothpaste

In the 2006 cult classic movie Idiocracy, the main character Joe Bauers takes part in a secret military hibernation experiment, but wakes up 500 years later into a dystopian world where commercialism and anti-intellectualism have run rampant, with IQ rates that have plummeted. He is found to be the smartest person in the world and […]

Podcast #21: How Mouth Breathing Can Ruin Your Sleep

In this episode, Kathy and I will reveal 7 ways that mouth breathing can cause sleep and health problems.  Download mp3 file | Subscribe  Show notes: Unstuff Your Stuffy Nose ebook Interview with Dr. Michael Mew on Breathing and the Modern Melting Face Interview with Patrick McKeown on Buteyko Breathing Shut Your Mouth to Save Your […]

Missing Teeth = Poor Health?

Ever since I began seeing patients in my new position at Montefiore medical center, I’ve been surprised by how many patients have missing teeth. In fact, many have no teeth at all, and often have to wear dentures, especially if they’re in the elderly years. Not too surprisingly, these same patients also have a number […]

Deep Thoughts on Fluoride, Otosclerosis, and Sleep Apnea

Otosclerosis is a relatively common condition we see in our field, typically leading to early hearing loss. It leads to stiffening of one of the middle ear bones (the stapes), preventing sound waves from reaching the inner ear. Surgery can result in a dramatic hearing improvement. Over the past few decades, it’s been noted by […]

The Gingivitis–Heart Disease–Sleep Apnea Connection

There have been numerous studies on your increased risk of heart disease if you have gum disease or cavities. The most common explanation is based on the antiquated germ-theory that Louis Pasteur developed over 100 years ago—that bacteria or other pathogens in the gums and the teeth can travel into the bloodstream and lodge in […]