If You Sleep Less Than 6 Hours, You Must Read This…

I haven’t talked a great deal about sleep deprivation, so when I came across this article on Medscape, I thought the overview of the various epidemiologic findings related to sleeping less than 6 hours was worth reviewing: “Sleep deprivation has a profound impact on multiple disease states. For example, if you sleep less than 6 […]

Do Sleeping Pills Increase Your Risk Of Dying?

Here’s a stunning statistic: A prescription for just a few sleeping pills per year was associated with a 3.6 times increased risk of dying (from any cause) compared to those who didn’t have any prescriptions for these medications. It jumped to 5.32 if more than 152 doses per year were prescribed. The authors of this […]

Increased Cancer Rates, Alcohol, And Sleep Apnea?

Here’s an interesting study which showed that drinking more than recommended amounts of alcohol can significantly increase your risk of certain types of cancer. Eight European countries enrolled over 250,000 people prospectively over 13 years and found that drinking too much alcohol could account for nearly 45 of cancers of the mouth, voice box and throat […]

How Alcohol Is Linked To Psoriasis In Women

Women who drink 2 or more times per week, particularly nonlight beer, are found to have a higher risk of developing psoriasis. This study out of Harvard University showed that the risk increased by 1.72 times normal. One hypothesis that was proposed was that non-light beer is made from wheat products, and that wheat contains […]

When Your Cold is Not a Cold

  In our current age of economic recession and flu epidemics, experiencing hoarseness or a sore throat can conjure up worst-case scenarios. What I’ve noticed in more recent months is that more and more people with these two symptoms are coming in concerned about throat or lung cancer. If you feel a lump in your […]