Why You Have To Pee At 3AM

Jessica is a 55-year-old woman who is seeing a urologist for her “overactive” bladder. She wakes up 3-4 times each night to urinate, and also has too many urges to go during the day. She came to see me about her snoring problem. A sleep study found that she stopped breathing 35 times every hour. […]

What Are The Best Snacks Before Bedtime?

In the Well section of this week’s New York Times, a reader asks the following: What’s the best food to eat just before bedtime if you get hungry? The questioner acknowledges beforehand that it’s not good to eat close to bedtime. The columnist answers by recommending specific food choices over others.   Not eating anything […]

Myths About Tonsillectomy, Sleep Apnea, and Bedwetting

One of the biggest myths within the sleep community is that taking out tonsils in children can cure sleep apnea. Yes, it can work to various degrees, sometimes dramatically, but it doesn’t work in all children. In fact, a recent large-scale meta-analysis showed that adenotonsillectomy was found to be significantly effective in about 60% of children. […]

Bedwetting And Sleep Apnea

Bedwetting (enuresis) is a very common problem in young children, with many psychological, emotional and social implications. A New York Times article describes this condition and its' various theories about why it happens and the different treatment options. Surprisingly, Dr. Klass doesn't mention sleep apnea, since it's one of the major causes of enuresis.  A […]

Interview with Tara Marie Segundo on Children’s Topics

Just reminding everyone about my interview tonight with fitness expert Tara Marie Segundo, host of Hotradio125.com‘s The Time is Now. We’re going to continue our discussion about children’s issues, including snoring, ADHD, bedwetting, tonsils and ear infections. It’s at 8PM Eastern, and you can hear the live stream at http://www.hotradio125.com/showpages/taramariesegundo.htm. You can also download the recording […]