Sleep Apnea Success Rates For Tonsillectomy in Young Children

Here’s a recent study in one of our major journals showing that a significant number of children (22%) younger than 3 years old had residual obstructive sleep apnea after adenotonsillectomy. They defined surgical failure as an apnea hypopnea index, or AHI of greater than 5. AHI is the number of times you stop breathing every hour. What’s striking about this study […]

CPAP Compliance vs. Adherence

Throughout all the talks and papers on CPAP usage at this year's SLEEP 2010 Meeting, it seems like the word compliance is being used less and less, and instead, sleep researchers are using the word adherence. Unfortunately, the practical meaning hasn't changed—it describes how long users are able to use CPAP on a nightly basis. […]