Back To The Basics: The Sleep-Breathing Paradigm [Podcast 39]

In this podcast episode, Kathy and I go back to the basics. We will talk about my sleep-breathing paradigm, the concept that all modern humans are susceptible to breathing problems during sleep to various degrees. Download mp3 Show Notes Sleep Interrupted: A physician reveals the #1 reason why so many of us are sick and […]

A Surprising Reason Why You Get Cavities 

Heather is a middle aged woman who came to see me for snoring. She snored so loudly that her husband has to sleep in another room. She also noted that she gained over 100 pounds over the past 20 years working as a night shift nurse. She recently started working during the days, but found […]

My First Apnea?

Dr. Mack Jones suggested that I get tested for sleep apnea in response to my last post about feeling depressed all last week from what I thought was the gloomy weather. He may have a point here. Last week, as I was dozing off to sleep, my wife did mention that I stopped breathing suddenly […]