7 Supplements to Fight Fatigue and Brain Fog [Podcast 61]

In this episodes, Kathy and I explain why certain supplements are essential to good gut health and brain function, as well as to potentially prevent damage from untreated obstructive sleep apnea or upper airway resistance syndrome. We end the discussion by exposing a major myth about a popular supplement. 

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Show Notes 

Sleep Breathing Paradigm in Sleep, Interrupted

Inflammation and OSA article

Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers (Talks about stress)

Glyphosate podcast

Functions of the liver

Vitamin D podcast with Dr. Gominak

Dr. Deborah Wardly UARS and ANP paper and effects on magnesium

Sleep apnea and brain damage (Dr. Ron Harper interview)

Sleep deprivation and effects on gut biome article

Dr. Mercola’s information on probiotics

Ferritin level and limb movements article

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10 thoughts on “7 Supplements to Fight Fatigue and Brain Fog [Podcast 61]

  1. Doctor:

    My breathing problem has a lot to do with post-nasal drip. I have a lot of trouble getting to sleep because of that congested, phlegm-blocked feeling in the back of my throat. Sometimes I take. a lot of Sudafed or other decongestants, which I don’t know if they really work, but I have been trying to resolve this problem. I have listened to a number of your audio programs, but not religiously. Do you address this issue somewhere; and do you have any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks, Joe

  2. Joe,

    I don’t have a podcast specifically on post-nasal drip, but in general, it’s usually either due to allergies or laryngopharyngeal reflux disease. More commonly, it’s from reflux material reaching your throat, creating excess mucous. I’ve written and spoken about basic ways to deal with this, such as not eating late, to more advanced suggestions. I recommend you start by reading my basic articles on obstructive sleep apnea and upper airway resistance syndrome. My book, Sleep, Interrupted, is a more comprehensive explanation of what’s going on.

    Hope you find this helpful.

  3. Hi Dr. Park,

    Similar to Ian’s comments below, I am also having an issue accessing the link to the UARS and ANP paper. Thanks for the enlightening discussion on this podcast!