A Proven Solution for Your Sleepy Child

Finally, Answers to Why Your Child Can’t Sleep…

Dr. Park interviews premier pediatric orthodontist and palatal expansion expert, Dr. William Hang about the advantages of using orthodontics to straighten your child’s smile and sleep. Listen to this riveting and enlightening discussion on pediatric, as well as, adult sleep apnea that can help you and your loved breathe, sleep, and live better.
  • Why your child’s sleep problems could be a sleep apnea issue
  • How your kids can go from sleepless and fatigued to rested and energized after a couple of trips to the orthodontist.
  • Even more alternatives to CPAP for sleep apnea, like palatal expansion other orthodontic procedures.
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2 thoughts on “A Proven Solution for Your Sleepy Child

  1. Just wanted to update you on our experience so far with Dr. Hang. My son started Biobloc treatment a little over a year ago.

    You were not the only person to recommend Dr. Hang and Biobloc to me (glowing recommendations for Dr. Hang came from several different and surprising sources). The Biobloc treatment is not necessarily the easiest treatment path for some patients (my son definitely went through a stage of resistance with the Biobloc until even he could see that there was marked improvement if he complied better), but I am so thankful we found out about Dr. Hang and Biobloc when we did. Another 6 months or a year and it would have been too late for him to benefit from Biobloc appliances.

    It’s been interesting to chat with other patients and/or their parents in the waiting room, some of whom travel even farther distances than we do, by plane from other states and even from Canada.

    The rapid improvement in my son’s jawline, profile, and overall facial structure is evident to those who have known him for several years, even though to the untrained eye he looked perfectly fine before treatment except for the slightly overjetted front teeth and ever so slight crowding on the lower front teeth. With expanded and more forward positioned upper and lower jaws, his newer secondary teeth are coming into their proper places naturally, and his appearance is becoming more handsome. I didn’t pay much attention to the claims that Biobloc also improved appearance when I was evaluating the Biobloc treatment, as I was mostly interested in occlusion correction, improved breathing space, and the associated health benefits, but the appearance improvements are definitely much broader than simply straight teeth and a nice smile.

    Since I am making the nearly 300 mile round drive every 4-8 weeks to Dr. Hang’s office for my 12 yo son’s Biobloc treatment, at age 48, I have decided to also start orthodontic treatment with Dr. Hang, too. The molar spacers are in place and the braces go on next week. An estimated year of treatment will end just before I turn 50 yoa, if all goes as planned. I wish I had done this years ago.

    My decision to pursue orthodontic treatment is not for cosmetic reasons as much as trying to improve my breathing, my overall oral health, and hopefully, reduce or alleviate some nagging gum issues that are a direct result of crowded lower teeth. In early adulthood I had chronic headaches from TMJ that mostly subsided with the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth, but at the time I wasn’t able to pursue the recommendation to also correct my bite.

    As an adult I cannot benefit from Biobloc treatment and palate expansion, but Dr. Hang says the crowding can be corrected by rounding out my narrow and somewhat V-shaped arches with conventional brackets and the very round wires he uses, which will increase lateral space for my tongue, which will improve my oral resting posture and sleep breathing. If my annoying allergic/sinus congestion improves, too, so much the better.

  2. Anna,

    Thanks for your update. Creating more space for your tongue and your breathing passageways can only help. Please keep up up to date about your own experiences.