Myths & Facts About Your Sleep Position [Podcast 77]

sleep positions

In this episode, Kathy and I will discuss a very intimate topic: your sleep position. Over the years, I’ve seen a wide variety of explanations for why certain people like to sleep in certain positions, and even personality type differences. In this podcast, you will discover:

  • Which sleep position is most healthy for you
  • The one bad advice dermatologists are telling women
  • How to avoid aging and facial wrinkles
  • Why hospitals can be dangerous for you or your loved one
  • And much more.

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Show Notes 

Sleep Interrupted: A physician reveals the #1 reason why so many of us are sick and tired 

JAMA article on pregnant women and sleep position and babies born small for gestational age

Positional sleep apnea article

Sleep Position book

Drug induced sleep endoscopy results in AHI < 5 

CPAP increases fetal movement in women with pre-eclampsia 

UARS article in Bottom Line Health

SlumberBump sleep positioner


Somnibel sleep positioner

Night Shift sleep positioner

Contour pillow for snoring 


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7 thoughts on “Myths & Facts About Your Sleep Position [Podcast 77]

  1. First of all. thank you for your book. I am a skinny guy who did not think I could have apnea. However, a sleep study confirmed that I have mild sleep apnea. I now have a CPAP and it is helping.

    For a long time I have had a goal of sleeping on my back. One person said that you will sleep better because of more surface area in contact with the bed. I have slept on my side for years.

    Should I try to sleep on my back with the CPAP or continue to sleep on my side?

    Kind regards, Craig

  2. Mr. Huggart,

    Thanks for commenting. Great to hear you’re sleeping better with CPAP. Ultimately, it’s all by trial and error. Being on your back lowers your sleep quality since you’ll stop breathing more often, but since you’re on CPAP, it should help. Try CPAP on your back and your side and see which works better. If there’s no difference, then stay on your back. In general, for OSA patients, side is always preferred. Good luck!