Sleep-Wreaked Kids: Helping parents raise happy, healthy kids one step at a time (Book Review)

This year will be the 10 year anniversary of when I published my first book, Sleep Interrupted, which proposed that many of our chronic health ailments are related to shrinking faces and upper airways. Over the years, my focus has shifted from mainly adults to include children, infants, and even during the prenatal period. If you look at Amazon’s books in the sleep category, 14 out of 25 of the top books are about sleep in infants and children. For new parents, a child’s sleep problems are a major topic of concern and conversations. 

This is why Sleep-Wreaked Kids: Helping parents raise happy, healthy kids one step at a time caught my attention. Sharon Moore, an Australian speech pathologist, provides comprehensive and practical advice on how to optimize sleep for your children. She goes beyond the typical expert advice given in many of the books you’ll see, covering the importance of oral function and how it relates to breathing and overall sleep quality. 

The first few chapters cover solid foundations on the importance of good sleep, as well as understanding and recognizing more common sleep problems. In Chapter 3, she describes common sleep “red flags” and shenanigans, including environmental, airway, dental, myofunctional, and medical issues. Chapter 4 lists various healthy  sleep routines, and Chapter 5 introduces the reader to myofunctional therapy and various basic exercises you can implement right away with your child. The last two chapters address the importance of involving other professionals and what you can do to spread the word.

This book was a quick read with lots of easy-to-follow and practical ideas that you can implement immediately. In contrast to many popular sleep books about sleep in children, Ms. Moore covers breathing issues in much more detail. She emphasizes the fact that poor sleep in infants and children are not only due to psychosocial or behavioral problems, but also can be from daytime and nighttime breathing problems, which often goes undiagnosed.

I strongly recommend you read Sleep-Wreaked Kids if your child’s sleep problems are wreaking havoc on your life.

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