Sleep Apnea Treatment Could Lead To Better Heart Health Too

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It seems when a person gets the treatment for sleep apnea, it is also improve the heart health. The researchers of the University of Sydney state that post treatment, the patients have shown lower blood cholesterol levels and reduced heart attack risks.

This sleep disorder, sleep apnea makes people suffer from momentary breathing while they are sleeping. This medical condition affects over 20% of the total population. The researchers have revealed that their study found that offering treatment with Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device has reduced the levels of triglycerides in the body, which is also called as post meal blood fat. This study was performed at the University of Sydney’s NHMRC Centre for Integrated Research and Understanding of Sleep or CIRUS. The results of the study were published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical care medicine.

What is the study about?

The study involved investigating the levels of blood cholesterol among individuals over a period of 24 hours soon after the mealtime of those patients who had the sleep apnea conditions. The study was performed on the patients for a period of two months before and after using CPAP and then after two months they used the placebo CPAP device.

The leading researcher Dr. Craig Philips who works at CIRUS and Royal North Shore Hospital said that many of us know that the blood fat level in the body after the intake of meals is an essential indicator of a fatal disease like cardiovascular disease. He also added that this study aims at offering a reason, which explains why the patients suffering from sleep apnea are facing a high risk of heart attacks, strokes etc.

Dr. Craig Philips also added that though the results need to be confirmed through much bigger study. Their study revealed that making an improvement in the level of triglycerides with CPAP would actually diminish the risk of heart attack in these patients at least by 25% which is a relieving fact.

The relation between sleep apnea and triglycerides:

The senior author of this study, Professor Ron Grunstein from CIRUS said that one of the most interesting fact about the study was that the level of triglycerides among the sleep apnea patients who were involved with the study were increased during the middle of the night when the patient was asleep. This means a good amount of seven hours followed by their meal in the evening.

He also said that there might be an influence in the body clock in this issue as it has the tendency or the urge to push the blood fat levels during these times in the wee hours of midnight. He also said that the workers who have night shift jobs are more prone to such cardiovascular conditions. This is because they consume a meal with high fat content during the time when their body will not be able to control its blood fat levels. The researchers involved in the study are currently involved in making use of shift work simulation to find out the next possibility.

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