Sleep Apnea & Snoring iPhone Applications

Here are a few interesting applications I found on the iTunes store. One is called SnoreMonitor, which is a paid application for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices. They also have a lite version that’s free, with less features.
This application is companion software for‘s internal nasal dilator clips and boil-and-bite mandibular advancement device. Their nasal dilator is similar to the Nozovent and Sinus Cones-type devices. A similar competing product for the mandibular advancement device is the Somnoguard Pro. The simple mandibular advancement device is not yet available in the US.
This program records snoring sounds and graphs it for you so you can see the snoring pattern throughout the night. You can even hear your own snoring sound clips. Note that the SnoreMonitor is not yet iPhone 3.0 compatible. 
Another application is called Sleep Aid, and it has similar features. There aren’t many reviews yet so be careful.
A third application is called Sleep Analyzer. It also records snoring, coughing, sneezing or any other sleep disruptions.
If you get a chance, take a look at these applications and let me know if they’re helpful. I’d love your feedback. Please enter your comments in the box below.


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One thought on “Sleep Apnea & Snoring iPhone Applications

  1. Dear Steven,
    I am glad to tell that my new version of SnoreMonitorSleepLab now is out. And it (seems) to work fine with iPhone OS 3. (The only problem that we have had is if people have old recordings – these can not be saved from earlier versions unfortunately.)
    The Free Lite version is for evaluation at Apple at the moment so within a week or so there will be a better free version but somewhat limited. On the other hand – the full version will cost only 1.95 USD so…
    Since I only work with ordinary Snoring I would like to point out the importance of curing this. After all – a constant snoring problem that goes on for years will eventually exhaust the soft tissues in the throat and increase the risk for a more severe problem OSA… So I believe that we have a great mission and my new ReduZnore package now includes the Nasal Dilator to open up both airways. This total solution kind of thinking was very well received at the annual Medical Congress in November here in Sweden. And my products are recommended by most ENT-doctors and Sleep Labs here in Sweden. Actually the Chairman of the Nobel Committee sent me a nice Christmas mail telling how happy he was with this snoring solution…
    I like your site and your work a lot!  It would be great to hear from you regarding additional functions in the SnoreMonitor App…
    Best regards,
    Leif Söderberg
    Adactive AB
    Lund Sweden.
    It would be great to hear your opinion on this. I have never seen a clinical study on effects with a nasal dilator and a MAD combination. It is so obvious that it solves my problem and I have at least 70.000 Swedish customers that support this concept…
    And re my App: how many dentist does follow up on there MAD? And if they do – most of them does it after a year… What if the customer sleeps alone for a year…
    Well I know the answers of that since I have been talking to people during 12 years about this. And that is the reason that I developed this total-solution-idea.