Sleep Apnea-Like Mythical Folklore?

Here’s an interesting folk lore from the deep south that someone pointed out that possibly refers to sleep apnea. In South Carolina’s Gullah culture, there’s a mythical creature called a Boo Hag, which are similar to vampires. But unlike vampires, they suck on your breath instead while you sleep. After taking the victim’s energy, it flies off, leaving the person short of breath when they awake, and feeling generally tired.


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2 thoughts on “Sleep Apnea-Like Mythical Folklore?

  1. Happens many times in my dreams during my teenage time…..a big fat lady tried to suck off my breath…airport planes crashes, fall off from canyon….event signs like twin towers on fires. After using cpap never have any dreams anymore… stage N3 on deep sleep?

  2. interesting. I don’t wake up gasping for breath and I don’t dream about this, but I have had a tendency to dream about water; being in the water, under the water, sharks in the water, evil in the water, being in a car flying off a bridge into the water, or witnessing tidal waves, going back to my childhood. I had always read that this implies strong emotions. but what do you do under water? suffocate.