Interview with Roger Price, Respiratory Physiologist and Integrative Health Consultant [Podcast 46]

In this episode, we have Mr. Roger Price, who has more than five decades of experience and qualifications in multiple areas of human health, giving him a unique background and ability to ‘see the big picture’, as well as to spearhead the integration of previously unconnected disciplines into a Functional Health Program. He is internationally recognized as “The Man who connected Dentistry, Sleep and Breathing.”
In this interview, we discuss:
  • What is the link between children’s teeth and the way they sleep?
  • How did modern humans change the rules of life?
  • How we changed our diets and feed our babies to make things worse
  • Why the AHI is not a reliable measure of sleep quality
  • The myth about nasal breathing
  • Why 90% of asthma is not really asthma
  • How to control an asthma attack
  • The two genetic markers of asthma
  • The truth about Buteyko Breathing
  • Symptom management vs. educational program
  • The 3 basic myths about breathing
  • The Dental Diet by Dr. Steven Lin.


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5 thoughts on “Interview with Roger Price, Respiratory Physiologist and Integrative Health Consultant [Podcast 46]

  1. Very informative. We do live in a disease management system….never thought of it that way.
    Enjoyed leaning and would like to learn more about blood gases.

    Thanks again Dr Park!!!!

  2. This interview, for me, has been your best. The discussion about only nasal breathing and the differences between what the Buteyko method is is invaluable. I’ve been a big Buteyko fan in the past. now I understand better what the real breathing priorities are. Also the discussion on asthma was very helpful. I loved this podcast. Real valuable life and health information. Thank you.