Researchers Discover That Stopping CPAP Causes Sleep Apnea Recurrence

I had to do a double take when I can across this article, which proudly announces that if you’re a successful CPAP user, stopping CPAP all of a sudden will cause your sleep apnea to return. That’s like saying if you stop drinking water, you’ll become thirsty. The original point of the study was to show that the physiologic consequences of sleep apnea can return once CPAP is withdrawn, but the title makes it sound like it’s a new discovery. 

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3 thoughts on “Researchers Discover That Stopping CPAP Causes Sleep Apnea Recurrence

  1. Although the conclusions are probably obvious to you and me, the results are important. I find that some of my patients with OSA think CPAP use is going to be temporary and “cure” their sleep apnea, the way an antibiotic might “cure” an infection. I educate the patient that OSA is a life-long disorder (usually) and that CPAP treatment most likely will be for life.

    With that being said, regular CPAP use could reduce inflammation in the oropharynx (particularly uvula) since there is not more snoring with CPAP. The less swollen uvula could possibly lead to less snoring and less severe OSA off of CPAP.

    Also, I have some patients who want to know if they can go on a vacation for a week and NOT use the CPAP. Now I have more reasons to say no…and can explain that you must take your CPAP on vacation.

  2. Hello. Was interested in finding the specific article you linked to. Would you be able to provide title/ author info? I don’t have a subscription to the journal.

    – Henna