Integrative Orthodontics with Dr. Barry Raphael [Podcast 45]

In this podcast episode, Dr. Barry Raphael joins us to talk about integrative orthodontics and his mission to teach patients, parents, and professionals about Airway-Related Oral Dysfunctions and treatment alternatives.

In this 62 minute interview, Dr. Raphael will reveal:

  1. When children should be checked for airway dental disease
  2. The ADA position paper on the role of dentists in sleep disordered breathing 
  3. The legacy of Dr. Brian Palmer 
  4. His integrative approach to orthodontics
  5. His efforts to educate the profession
  6. His practice protocols.

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Show Notes

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2 thoughts on “Integrative Orthodontics with Dr. Barry Raphael [Podcast 45]

  1. A fantastic and eye-opening interview with orthodontist Dr Barry Rafael. Happen to click on this podcast interview with Dr Steve Parks while surfing the ‘net’.
    I certainly would like to learn more from Dr Rafael about his integrative orthodontic program.
    I am a practicing orthodontist in Sydney Australia. My previous life is a clinical Toxicologist, and I can relate very well with the increasing environmental toxins that gets into our bodies.
    Open my eyes more, please.
    Dr Robert Ghan