Quit Struggle-Free: Interview with George Wissing

According to recent statistics from the American Lung Association, smoking is the number one source for preventable deaths and premature mortality than any other drug or substance. Yet, despite these grim statistics, smoking is still a huge  problem for many people. The problem is that the willpower in overcoming this addiction seems powerless. But according to George Wissing, the author of Stop Smoking For the Last Time: You Can Unlock the Power to Quit Struggle-Free, your willpower has nothing to do with it. With hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming, Mr. Wissing has helped countless smokers quit in about an hour. The following conversation that I had with George Wissing could provide some fascinating insight on how you can gain power to break your smoking habit for good this year. http://www.quitstrugglefree.com Media files f3da1a42-47a4-79c1-4694-34d72397aaa7.mp3 (MP3 Format Sound, 23.1 MB)

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One thought on “Quit Struggle-Free: Interview with George Wissing

  1. It’s the same intelligence that is keeping your heart beating right now. Every year approx 400,000 Americans die due to smoking. They are afraid that if they quit smoking, they will feel worse because they don’t
    have the cigarettes to help improve their mood.