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One thought on “Provent Nose Plugs for Sleep Apnea

  1. I tolerated Provent well, and used it from the beginning after my cardiologist recommended a sleep study to decrease tachycardia. The Sleep Lab in Vienna supervised by Dr. Leslie Williams specializes in internal medicine, neurology, geriatric medicine and sleep medicine.

    But, since I’m Medicare eligible, CMS only allows a code for a leased CPAP machine complete with a humidifier, masks, hoses and filters that amounts to $3209 in first year costs.

    This is a DME suppliers dream and Phillips and ResMed are working hard to keep the CMS HCPCS coding sole source for CPAPS.

    But for me, who’s concerned about the high cost of Medicare, it’s worth $85 each month (less with discounts) not to have a big box that is noisy and mideival looking in the bedroom.

    The VA is concerned too, since use of a CPAP (not sleep apnea) equates to a $845.00 monthly disability payment. Not surprisingly, Veterans claim Sleep Apnea at four times greater than the population, at an annual cost of $500M.