Podcast #20: The Top 20 Anti-Snoring Options

In this podcast episode, Kathy and I will talk about the 20 top ways of getting rid of your snoring. We’ll cover 15 non-prescription and over-the counter options, as well as 5 prescription/surgical options. 

  • How snoring and ADHD are linked
  • How snoring can cause stroke
  • A better way to lose weight
  • Your best sleep position
  • How to choose the right pillow
  • Why mouth breathing is bad for your health
  • 3 proven non-surgical / alternative ways to stop snoring 
  • The best surgical options for snoring
  • Which dental device works best for snoring 
  • The pros and cons of surgical options

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Show notes:

Dr. Karen Bonuck’s interview on snoring and behavioral problems

New York Times article on spouses sleeping in separate bedrooms

Snoring demonstration video

Reflux causes sensory damage

Snoring causes sensory damage

Snoring and carotid artery plaques

Lingual tonsils and reflux

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3 thoughts on “Podcast #20: The Top 20 Anti-Snoring Options

  1. This is a very comprehensive discussion of snoring. We shouldn’t try to mask it, nor should we try to ignore it. I just found out I have sleep apnea. I’m going to go the cpap route to start to see if that helps. Thank you for this podcast.

  2. What are your thoughts on apnicure’s Winx?
    I have bipap which has warmed hose and moisture humidifier and nuvision(?) mask which doesn’t fit over nose and seems to work somewhat better than the Quattro and others. The problem I have is leakage and barely being able to see in morning due to pressure ( my eyes feel bulging) I have severe apnea with AHI 57 for 20 yrs+ and am 69 yo. 6’1″ 195# Reasonably fit hiked Kilimanjaro 4 yrs ago but feel apnea is killing me off. Have started taking Wakelert and Modanfil which are knockoffs of Nuvigil and Provigil and affordable but have issues with up/down headaches and undetermined long term affects. Thank you for your considered podcasts I’m thinking apnea is the biggest unaddressed debilitator out there.
    John C.

  3. We need this guidance so much. Doctors provide an overview and equipment suppliers are fewer and are low bidders with Medicare; several good ones can not participate any longer.
    This podcast is so comprehensive. I am now inspired to hear the earlier ones.
    Reinforcement of basic concepts is helpful :lose weight, do not sleep on back, no alcohol or food at night, keep noise clear etc.
    Thank you Dr. Park.
    Kings Park N.Y.