Pediatricians Issue New Guidelines for Snoring

The American Academy of Pediatrics issued new guidelines today, emphasizing the need to take snoring and obstructive sleep apnea more seriously in younger children. They’ve alway emphasized awareness of sleep-breathing disorders in past guidelines, but these new guidelines make stronger recommendations when pediatricians see children who snore. 

While this is encouraging, I’m a bit pessimistic. It takes physicians years if not decades to change practice habits, and the same applies to these new recommendations. While the medical societies are doing their part to promote the importance of screening for and treating obstructive sleep apnea, it’s up to the general public to take a pro-active role and and bring up these issues with their physicians.

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3 thoughts on “Pediatricians Issue New Guidelines for Snoring

  1. Thank you for this update. This was good timing for my family and the guidelines could not have been written better. This will help several children in my family, since the parents were skeptical of OSA in children. We have three children with severe medical issues. One with Tourettes, one with seizures, and one with severe ADHD which I believe has connections with OSA, since OSA presents in the adults in my family.

    Again, thank you Dr. Park for keeping us up to date.

  2. Making the recommendations is good news and a further step for informed patients and family members looking for answers, treatment and good outcomes. Thank you Dr. Park.

  3. Not just doctors, I think I’m badgering EVERYONE around me with my new-found DrStevenPark-inspired tidbits on sleep apnea. There’s no zeal like a convert’s zeal…