Patient Financial Policy

At West Side ENT, we are committed to providing you with the best possible medical care, and this also means that our highly trained and knowledgeable staff will work with your insurance to maximize your coverage so you don’t have to. Listed below are the services we provide:

· Complimentary Benefit Checks: 

We’ll call your insurance for you PRIOR to your first visit with us to provide you with an estimate of the charges that will and will not be covered by your insurance.

· Fast and Accurate Claims Processing: 

We will complete, and submit all of your insurance forms for you electronically (or on whichever form that is appropriate)—even if we don’t participate with your insurance plan.

· Appeals and Pre-certification Services For All Covered Services: 

We take pride in managing your claims with 99% accuracy on timely filing and appeals submission processes to ensure that your claims are paid correctly to ensure that any administrative mistakes made by your insurance or by our office doesn’t end up costing you unnecessarily. We also Pre-certify your prescriptions, procedures, and any other ancillary services that require pre-certification by your insurance company.

· Acceptance of Multiple Assignment of Benefits:

Currently, we accept Aetna, Oxford and United Healthcare. If necessary, we will help you fill out and submit your out-of-network claims to your carrier.

For your added convenience we also offer:

·  Multiple Payment Methods:

We accept cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa or American Express.

·  Pay by Phone Option:

Avoid any late fees by paying your bills by phone.  Just call us with a credit card number and we can process it right away.

·  Insurance Review & Analysis From Our "In-House" Claims Experts:

If you’re ever confused about how your insurance claim/payment was processed, our friendly and knowledgeable Claims Coordinator will be happy to review these items with you at any time.

·  No Confusing or Unexpected Bills:

Because we’re ready to provide you with your financial information prior to services, you’ll rarely have to deal with any confusing or unexpected bills few months after your visit with Dr. Park.

Exceptions to this would be in case of:

1) Incorrect information:

Despite measures to ensure accuracy, sometimes your insurance benefits department will give us outdated or incorrect information at the time of service, in which case, the estimate we gave you may be different than what was actually covered when your claim is processed.

2)  Insufficient Data:

If we were not given accurate and timely information (i.e. subscriber ID, primary insured’s name, employer information etc) at the time of service to bill your claim properly

3)  Other Physician’s Office’s Administrative Delays:

We’ll be happy to contact your primary care physician prior to services if your insurance requires a referral from him/her for you to receive specialist services. However, we will not take responsibility for their inability or inaccessibility in delivering these referrals to us in a timely manner (most offices require a 48-72 hour turn around time for referrals so please contact them in advance).

4)  Non-payment of claims by your carrier:

If your claims are still unpaid after 45 days (Prompt Pay period as mandated by New York State Insurance Commission).

There is a  $3.00 billing fee in addition to a 1%/ $3.00 a month late pay interest for any outstanding balances still remaining in your account beyond the 30 days from the date of service (i.e. co-pays, coinsurance or deductibles)

A fee of $25.00 will be added to the amount balance for returned checks.


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