Why CPAP Does Not Work For Some People

Filling your cup with water so CPAP can work analogy

Why is it that after using your CPAP machine or dental appliance religiously, it still does not work? Some days you feel great after sleeping with CPAP. But on other days, you feel like CPAP does not work at all. I learned a very important concept that may explain this situation from Dr. David Buchholz, […]

My Interview on Futuretech Podcast

Here’s a recent interview I did with the folks at FutureTechPodcast. I go over the basic fundamentals of my sleep-breathing paradigm, along with a good explanation for why so many of us are sick and tired.

In-lab vs. Home Sleep Studies: My Honest Opinion

How accurate is it? This is one of the most common questions I get asked about home sleep studies. In general, both patients as well as sleep doctors think that in-lab studies are much more accurate than home studies. To answer this question, we need to define what “accurate” means. Suzy came to see me […]