Good News For Breast-Feeding Moms

Here’s some good news for new moms: That women who breast-feed sleep the same amount as those who bottle-feed. This is an important issue since bottle-feeding has been shown to cause or aggravate dental crowding and malocclusions. Having smaller jaws (think smaller mouth) crowds the tongue and other soft tissues of the mouth and throat, […]

More Breastfeeding Could Save $13 Billion

It's common knowledge that breastfeeding is better for your baby compared with formula, and this new study estimated a figure on dollars saved if 90% of new moms breastfed exclusively for 6 months: $13 Billion. The results are not too surprising. One criticism that was mentioned was the fact that there are costs involved in […]

Breast-feeding Tax Credits?

Here’s an interesting new tax law: Oregon senator Jeff Merkley sponsored a bill that would create an income tax credit for "50 percent of the qualified breastfeeding promotion and support expenditures of the taxpayer for such taxable year." You can read more about it here.   While promoting breast-feeding is a worthwhile cause, I’m not […]

Breast Feeding Protects Against Crib Death / SIDS

Breastfeeding was found to cut SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) rates in half. A recent paper published in Pediatrics confirmed previous suspicions about the benefits of breastfeeding on the incidence of SIDS.    This study supports my sleep-breathing paradigm, which is also supported by Dr. Brian Palmer’s assertion that bottle-feeding promotes dental crowding and development […]

Similarities Between CPAP And Breast-Feeding

  It’s been three weeks since my wife delivered our third son Brennan, and after doing everything we can to exclusively breast-feed him, we’ve given up. During the first few days, Kathy was doing well, getting into a routine, especially since we had hired someone help us out for for about the first 10 days. […]