Obstructive Sleep Apnea Linked To Blood Vessel Abnormalities

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According to the new research report that was published in Hypertension, the journal of AHA or American Heart Association, Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA might cause many changes in the functions of blood vessels, which lead to low level of blood supply to the heart among people who were healthy otherwise. The study also showed that a 26 week treatment of regular CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure showed a good amount of improvement among the participants involved in the study. The blood supply and the function of the blood vessels were highly positive state the researchers or study authors.

About the study

The condition of sleep apnea affects over 15 million US people and can also have a link to serious medical issues such as cardiovascular problems and high blood pressure based on the studies of AHA. The lead author and the Cardio Vascular Professor at the University of Birmingham, Gregory Lip, MD stated that the finding must be in such a way that it changes the way how the doctors treat the ones who are suffering from OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea. He also added that those who are healthy with this sleep apnea condition have blood vessel abnormalities that occur in large and small blood vessels. This would also be owing to the irregular blood supply to the heart muscles, which would significantly improve with CPAP therapy.

The link between blood vessel abnormalities and sleep apnea

The treatment of CPAP involves offering a regular supply of air to help the air way to remain open which helps the sleep apnea patient to sleep peacefully. This is because open air way eliminates all the events associated with sleep apnea and helps the patient to breathe freely while sleeping. This study is the first one in its niche to show that sleep apnea features blood vessel abnormalities. The studies, which were held, previously linked the blood vessel abnormalities among patients with cardio vascular disorders.

The process of the research

The researchers also identified that the condition of blood vessel abnormalities when reversed, can help those with sleep apnea. This is possible among individuals who are healthy otherwise, which makes it possible to eliminate the risk of death causing cardio vascular diseases. They monitored the changes among the functions of blood vessels in 108 participants who were healthy other wise. These participants had no difference with respect to age, sex, smoking habits and Body Mass Index who were then sub divided in to 3 groups.

The three groups were as follows:

• Group 1: 36 people who had severe condition of sleep apnea but without high Blood Pressure.
• Group 2: 36 people who had high blood pressure but did not have sleep apnea condition.
• Group 3: 36 patients who neither had high blood pressure nor had OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

The researchers used techniques like myocardial contrast echocardiography to check the amount of blood supply that reaches the muscles of their heart. Also all the sleep apnea patients were given CPAP therapy which showed beneficial effects on their blood vessels.

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