Nighttime Urination — The Most Overlooked Reason

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Nocturia (nighttime urination) is a very common condition as you get older, but it’s also common in children as well as younger adults. There are many explanations for nocturia by experts, but obstructive sleep apnea is rarely mentioned. In this video, I argue that sleep-breathing problems such as obstructive sleep apnea and upper airway resistance syndrome should be the first reason to think about when you suffer from this condition. I also explain which hormone from the heart is made due to apneas to make you pee more at night, as well as frightening statistics on much higher death rates for people with nocturia. 


00:00 Introduction

00:52 Common causes for nocturia by experts on YouTube

01:27 The one condition commonly ignored that can cause nocturia

02:10 Medical complications of obstructive sleep apnea 

02:54 Upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS)

03:30 What happens during apnea

04:32 Sleep apnea vs. UARS

04:45 Dr. Guilleminault’s landmark UARS paper

05:00 Atrial natriuretic peptide from the heart to kidneys

07:00 Why you wake up at 3 AM

07:33 Why nocturia can be deadly

08:15 7 steps to stop nocturia

09:52 Melatonin’s surprising health benefit


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