New High Blood Pressure Treatment: Missing Sleep Apnea?

I ran across this article in the Wall Street Journal detailing a new surgical procedure that treats people with medication  resistant high blood pressure. The procedure involves placing catheters in the reman artery, and cutting or ablating the nerves that supply the nerve ending that reach the kidneys. The criteria for entry include resistance to at least 3 medications and exclusion of all other known risk factors for hypertension. I wonder if they excluded obstructive sleep apnea?

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2 thoughts on “New High Blood Pressure Treatment: Missing Sleep Apnea?

  1. how could they exclude obstructive sleep apnea? don’t we all have it? that’s what the thought process is at Stanford, all the docs and techs pretty much know that they can get a positive study on anyone.

  2. I looked up the clinical trial. They are excluding people requiring CPAP and other mechanical devices of a similar nature.