New Discovery Makes Sleep Apnea Sexier?

New research has found that people with severe sleep apnea have significantly less nightmares (21%) compared with over 2/3 of healthy people. The lead author of the study was quoted as saying that after years having a bad reputation, the results of this study makes the condition "a little sexier."

I don't get it. How is not dreaming related to being "sexy"? It's clear that when you have severe apneas, you can't stay in REM sleep (the dreaming stage) since your muscles are most relaxed. REM sleep is essential for memory consolidation and proper brain function. 

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6 thoughts on “New Discovery Makes Sleep Apnea Sexier?

  1. I think the author is way off base.  There is nothing sexy about sleep apnea.  The fact that apnea reduces REM and dreams is a *bad thing* not something to make one think better of sleep disordered breathing.  Clearly the author doesn't understand the how serious of a condition this can be.  Your correct 'I just don't get it'

  2. I think the term "sexier" is used in the marketing sense, not literally.  Sex sells, so in this sense, sexier means that the research results will attract attention (either to the study, the field, or the researchers, etc.).