My Last Expert Interview

Park150I wanted to announce that this month’s Expert Interview (with Dr. Borelli) will be my last Expert Interview, which also includes my Ask Dr. Park programs. My plan is to focus on future programs and educational resources to better serve your needs. Please stay tuned for more information.

Please look in my Expert Interview archives for a full list of past programs.

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4 thoughts on “My Last Expert Interview

  1. Thank you Dr. Park for the outstanding Ask Dr. Park and Expert Interviews. I applaud your professional efforts and endeavors to address Sleep Breathing Disorders in open forums. All were informative and educational. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for how these were conducted and presented. Looking forward to the new continuation. Thank you again.

    Chris Seebald

  2. I miss your wonderful, enlightening, interviews. You have had a profound impact on my family’s health. I hope you are enjoying your respite from the heavy workload your public outreach must have involved, but I hope you don’t give it up altogether. Thanks for keeping your website open for business with all of its informative articles and interviews.

    Thanks for caring.

    Bonny Parke, Ph. D.