More Sleep Apnea Bites the Dust

I had a crazy day today with a packed schedule full of patients, but the one thing that made it worthwhile for me was the feedback I got from three different patients about either how well they were sleeping, or how their lives were changed as a result of sleep apnea treatment.

While rounding at the hospital early this morning to see my post op patient, she was doing remarkably well one day after her multiple soft palate and tongue procedures for obstructive sleep apnea. She was already swallowing liquids pretty well, and ready to go home. She also noted that despite the pain and the poor sleep environment of being in a hospital with all the noises and distractions, she felt more refreshed than normal when she woke up this morning.

Another patient that I hadn’t seen in 6 or 7 years came in for ear wax removal, and just happened to thank me for changing his life. I had no idea what he was talking about. He reminded me that I had sent him to a dentist for his sleep apnea and he has been successfully using his dental device all this time.

A third patient came in one month after routine nasal surgery and remarked that his breathing is not only normal, but he’s not snoring anymore, and his sleep is much more refreshing and he’s dreaming more.

These are some of the examples of patients that have found success with either CPAP, oral appliances, or with surgery. Some people find success after their first option, while others go through everything before finding a solution that works.

Admittedly, not everyone that I see has great results like that ones above, but the vast majority do, while the remainder have partial or limited success.

This is what keeps me going, knowing that I’m able to help people breathe better and sleep better, regardless of which option they choose. It’s truly a privilege for me to be able to help people in this way.

What’s your success story? Please share your story with me in the comments box below.

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One thought on “More Sleep Apnea Bites the Dust

  1. I was diagnosed with UARS a little over 2 years ago. I struggled with the CPAP; however, when I finally did use it religiously, my symptoms seemed to worsen. I have been using a Somnodent MAD for the last 16 months with noted success following the very first night of use. When I woke up that next morning, I did not want to get out of bed…not because I was over-fatigued, but because I felt so good…my arms and legs felt heavy and relaxed. I had not been fighting to breathe all night.
    In addition, I had a bonus outcome from using the MAD. I am a tongue thruster, and in fact, my sleep problems trace back to when the orthodontist put “spikes” on the back of my lower braces to prevent me from pushing my tongue forward. Eventually, this resulted in “tongue floating” in which I did not thrust my tongue, but I never held it in a proper resting position on the roof of my mouth. That changed after using the Somnodent for 6 months. I now rest my tongue in the proper position automatically. Occasionally I have fallen asleep without my device, and now I even wake up with my tongue in place.