Mental or Dental? The Holistic Explanation for Sleep Apnea

Orthodontists and physicians naturally assume that the size of our jaws is determined by our genes. Most modern humans now have at least some degree of dental crowding; some have significant dental crowding. Hundreds of years ago, this wasn't the case, which shows that for the most part, it isn't genetic. In his classic book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Dr. Weston Price showed the price we paid for modernization. It's pretty clear that modern, Western diets have affected our facial structures and that many of our modern diseases are a direct result of these anatomic changes.


I recently came across an excellent article by Dr. Raymond Silkman, a holistic dentist, who talks about these issues from a dental perspective. I strongly recommend you read it. The principles he points out is very much in line with what I describe in my book, Sleep, Interrupted


I've always stated that our jaws are too small for our normally sized soft tissues, and Dr. Silkman elaborates on this issue even further. Think about a long tube that's draped with fabric on the inside and the outside. If you somehow shrink the structure (the tube), then the fabric that covers the tube on the outside will shrivel up and develop many grooves (and wrinkles). On the inside, the same thing happens, but also takes up more space within the space inside the tube, thus narrowing the internal passageways. If you constantly apply negative pressure within the tube, the fabric will collapse inwards little by little, leading to more obstruction.


Dr. Price describes why the structural aspects of our facial skeletons are smaller. In my book, I describe what happens when you have narrowing of your breathing passageways.


This implications of these concepts are enormous. What's your opinion on this? Please enter your comments in the text box below.

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