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Epoch Times (2/15/23): Sleep Apnea Device Works From Inside The Body

Epoch Times (2/10/23): Sleep Apnea Causes Gut Microbiome Imbalance, Study Says

First For Women: Sleep No More? These Natural Remedies Deliver the Zz’s You Need

Wall Street Journal: Can This Snorer’s Marriage Be Saved? Yes, With Mouth Tape

WebMD: The Link Between Sleep Position and Sleep Quality A Little-Known Health Condition that Steals Your Sleep

LA TimesApps to help regulate your sleep

Scientific American. Treating Sleep Improves Psychiatric Symptoms.

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More Magazine (11/1/11) Is Your Nose Waking You Up?

More Magazine (4/1/12) The Drinking Woman’s Diet Is Your Body Keeping You Awake? Outsmart Perimenopause

Reader’s Digest: Best You Get Off Your back

First For Women – UARS View | Download (PDF)

The New York Times Letters        

     Sleepless in New York (10/11/07)

     I Didn’t Promise “In Snoring and in Health” (3/13/07)

     Just Think of that Snoring as a Cry for Help (12/28/05)

     Doctors on Call (6/10/02)

     Denied Claims a Factor in Mammograms (3/17/02)

NY Daily News (6/14/09) Women who gossip can live a happy and healthier life, study finds
Woman’s World (5/4/09) Download (PDF) | View
Glamour Magazine (March 2009) Print (PDF) | Web
MSN Health Nine Curious Ways to Stop Snoring (6/8/09) The #1 Reason Why You’re So Tired (It’s Not What You Think) (9/24/09) Snoring Might Make You Fat (9/24/09) Ask Maxim
Bottom Line Secrets (8/25/09) Two New, Natural Treatments for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Obstructive Sleep Apnea and its’ Effect on Elders

Parade Magazine (5/16/10) The End of Snoring?


TV & Radio Programs

Let’s Get Healthy Show KJCE 1370 AM with Bill Swail, RPh and Amy Tyler, ND: Checklist to avoid getting a cold or the flu this season

Black Enterprise: Helping you get a better goodnight’s sleep. (TV segment)

Interview with Tara Marie Segundoon (5/12/11), about Women’s Issues: From PMS to Menopause. Download mp3. Listen in browser.

Interview with Tara Marie Segundo on Tara Marie Live on (9/2/10), about my book, Sleep, Interrupted. Download mp3. Listen in browser.

Interview with Sallie Felton on “A Fresh Start” (5/5/10)  download mp3

Interview with Maura Ridder and Maureen Brown of Mom’s The Word (4/29/10) on 560 AM KLZ. streamdownload mp3.

Interview with Pat Farnack on WCBS 880’s Health & Well Being Report (2/18/10) on how sleep position relates to your health. download mp3

Tara Marie Segundo of‘s The Time is Now interviews Dr. Park about his new book, Sleep, Interrupted.

6/23/09 Children’s Issues II click arrow to listen   | download mp3
03/10/09 Children’s Issues I click arrow to listen   | download mp3
10/21/08 Women’s issues & PMS click arrow to listen   | download mp3
09/16/08 Part III click arrow to listen   | download mp3
07/29/08 Part II click arrow to listen   | download mp3
06/3/08 Part I click arrow to listen   | download mp3

Sheevaun Moran, host of Master Your Energy, Master Your Life, on the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network, interviews Dr. Park about his book and his Sleep-Breathing Paradigm.

5/1/09   click arrow to listen   | download mp3

Liz Dalton, host of LizTalk on 1340 WGAU (Athens, GA) interviews Dr. Park

5/4/09 Sleep issues click arrow to listen   | download mp3
6/22/09 ADHD click arrow to listen   | download mp3

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