Low Testosterone, Heart Attacks, and Sleep Apnea

Lower sex drive in men could increase the risk of a heart attack or even dying. A Swedish study found that men with low testosterone levels were found to have slightly higher risk of heart attacks. Even when given supplemental testosterone, the rate of heart attacks didn’t go down. 

We already know that untreated obstructive sleep apnea can significantly lower testosterone levels, as well as to cause possible erectile dysfunction (ED). We also know that severe obstructive sleep apnea can double or triple your rate of possibly suffering from a heart attack or stroke.

Knowing what we know, isn’t it time to begin screening any man with low testosterone levels or ED for obstructive sleep apnea? You may also save his life.

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One thought on “Low Testosterone, Heart Attacks, and Sleep Apnea

  1. Doc, how soon would Testosterone levels go up after treating OSA with CPAP? My TT levels are around 300. TIA