Kindle Version of Sleep, Interrupted Price Cut 50%

In the interest of getting my important message about breathing and sleep out to as many people as possible, I’ve worked out a deal with my publisher to lower the price of the electronic version of my book, Sleep, Interrupted from $19.99 to $9.99, which is a 50% drop. Click here to order from Amazon.

Here’s the latest Amazon review about my Kindle e-book (reviews for the hardcopy version are found here):

One of the Most Influential Health Titles I Have Ever Read, December 11, 2010

Reading this book showed me how to take a huge step forward in my overall health.

I feel tired all the time. Worn out. I don’t want to live this way and have been investigating all possibilities about its cause. Fatigue and sleep are obviously related, and I researched many sources trying to learn to improve my rest. I found Dr. Park’s internet postings, and became very intrigued by his approach to diagnosing sleep problems, and the number of different solutions he could recommend. I pursued more of his writing on the net, and came across this Kindle book.

I categorically recommend that everyone, everyone, read this book. Kindle books are often impulse purchases, and yeah, maybe the price of this book is higher than most Kindle Books. But I’m absolutely positive that the information in this book will help you (or someone who will listen to you!) in an invaluable way. Get it, read it. It’s like a “CPR course” for sleeping. Someday you will really help someone with what you know.

This book shows that, although we only have one word for “sleep”, sleep itself is a vast array of different of mental and physical processes. All these processes must work together in order for me to wake up feeling good. If one of these processes malfunctions, symptoms show up, not only as short term fatigue, but also in many other long term, seemingly unrelated, aches and pains.

“Sleep Interrupted” describes entire chain of sleep processes, and how sleep malfunctions show up. Dr. Park writes with great clarity and detail, and describes therapies specific to my problems. These aren’t “warm milk” remedies. I sought a doctor’s care to move forward. But even before I found the right doctor, learning what might be happening to me was a huge boost to my mood. I understood that I might have reasonable, measurable problems which can be fixed. I wasn’t defective in some way, and doomed to eternal fatigue. Doctors’ examinations since I finished the book have confirmed that I suffer from many of the phenomena Dr. Park describes. I’m very grateful for having found, and for being willing to spend the money to buy this book.

Click here to order the Kindle version of Sleep, Interrupted now.

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