Why You’re Not Sleeping Well Even If You Think You Are [Podcast 72]

The Hidden Dangers of Hypersomnia


In this episode, Kathy and I are going to explain why even if you think you sleep great, you’re not. If you sleep like a log or can sleep anywhere, any time, this discussion is for you. We’ll be talking about the hypersomnias—when people tend to sleep too much or too long.

We’ll be revealing the following:

  • Why you can sleep 9 hours or more and will still feel tired
  • How you can stop breathing 25 times every hour and not have sleep apnea
  • Which doctor to see if you suffer from this condition
  • And much more…..

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Show Notes

Sleep Interrupted: A physician reveals the #1 reason why so many of us are sick and tired

Upper airway resistance syndrome interview with Dr. Guilleminault

Insomnia as risk for future cancer

U-shaped curve for ideal sleep length

Sleep endoscopy findings in symptomatic patients with AHI < 5

Two things that go flop in the night blog post

Shift work and cancer

Sleep journal

Sleep tracking apps and devices

Narcolepsy vs. hypersomnias


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4 thoughts on “Why You’re Not Sleeping Well Even If You Think You Are [Podcast 72]

  1. I had a sleep study at the VA.

    The results: Severe Sleep Apnea, 49.5 episodes per hour. I am not overweight,
    6-0, 175.
    I was no experiencing severe tiredness.
    Sleep 7-8 hours a night.
    I am a 73 year old male.

    According to my smart watch, I am averaging approx 2 hrs of REM.

    According to my research, an act. Person needs 25% REM.

    I have had a CPAP and used several types of mask but am none compatible
    with the CPAP. It either aggregates my chronic sinus or after an hour or two
    gives me claustrophobia.

    I might consider Inspire device.

  2. Hello Dr.Park ! Thanks for to be “there” and helping people like me having loss of sleep and exhausted !
    I have kept on trying to find my sleep problem as the sleep in test in the clinic and the C-PAP machine did not helped as I eventually realized that I am dreaming and acting in my dreams so therefore I wake tired and exhausted ! FINALLY after many years I found on the Internet that my problem IS KNOWN in the health care system and is called Rem sleep Behavior Disorder / France/ =RBD ! > people act out their dreams so like me .

    No solution to it ‘Clonazepan and or lorazepan ” is offered as reducing its effect and they are working on it . It can lead to Lew Body Dementia LBD and Parkinson.

    So at least I think I found my possible problem – I am not alone and it is not WEIRD imagination but medical fact.

    Best regards L.Novotny.

  3. At last I can put a name to what I have tried to explain to several doctors, that when I exhale my soft palate drops down and I obstruct and it wakes me up over and over again even though I use a mandibular night time appliance.
    I can now say that it’s Expiratory Palatal Obstruction and a medically recognized condition.
    Now to find out how it can be treated.