Can Dental Extractions Cause Sleep Apnea? [Podcast 57]

Dr. Bill Hang Orthotropics Biobloc

In this episode, I have a discussion with Dr. Bill Hang, one of my original mentors who inspired me to connect the dots between dental crowding and sleep apnea. He will answer the controversial question, “Can traditional orthodontics cause obstructive sleep apnea”? 

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Show Notes

Sleep Interrupted: A physician reveals the #1 reason why so many of us are sick and tired 

Dr. Brian Palmer

Dr. Bill Hang:

Shut Your Mouth and Save Your Lifeby George Catlin

Corruccini book

Esthetic line

Evidence Supports No Relationship between Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Premolar Extraction: An Electronic Health Records Review  (promo code: turning point)

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6 thoughts on “Can Dental Extractions Cause Sleep Apnea? [Podcast 57]

  1. Please IGNORE the American Association of Orthodontics recent, biased suggestion that extractions do not cause obstructive sleep apnea because their suggestions are based upon invalid studies that do not consider critical variables: spinal posture, tongue posture, sleep position, mattress firmness, pillow, diaphragmatic vs. thoracic breathing, enunciation without deflection of cranium and spine, nasal breathing, compensatory posturing, biomechanics etc…. Please consider that Extractions and Retractions do cause oral surgeons and orthodontists to MAKE MORE MONEY extracting and closing spaces than if they were to inform children to practice optimal tongue posture, nasal breathing, biomechanically correct chewing, etc. Here are some chewing exercises that are worth considering to help children naturally align erupting teeth without any orthodontic treatment or extractions: hold a raw apple with BOTH HANDS and bite into it with incisors evenly from the left, center, and right side. The apple forms a tension, compression, rotational force link with the shape of the incisors forcing them to gradually align together in an optimal functional relationship. If you have a class II maloclussion and erupting teeth, then try biting on a raw carrot , and gently rotate the carrot between your canines and premolars to direct the cusps towards optimal intercuspation, several times a day for a few months. Consciously think about intercuspation while chewing a normal meal. Use a carrot that matches the size of your teeth, and feel the rotation pulling the mandible forwards while trying to hold your mandible backwards. This will naturally establish optimal intercuspation. All animals do this exercise with twigs. It’s called “teething” and its nature’s natural orthodontics ! PLEASE REPORT BACK ON HOW IT IS WORKING FOR YOU AND SHARE IT, AS SO MUCH ORTHO IS NATURALLY PREVENTIBLE.
    Insurance in Germany is considering reducing coverage for orthodontics because it is over-prescribed : 50% of the population. Remember: teeth are biomechanical force links and the more that you have, the greater linkage you have between the maxilla and mandible and the greater potential to intercuspate teeth with optimal stability and tongue space for life. Extractions remove force links, increasing the probability of malocclusion.

  2. You can do a simple test to prove that extractions cause obstructive sleep apnea: place a roll of sterile gauze behind the maxillary and mandibular incisors that is the same thickness as premolars(approximately 10 -12 mm) to simulate the retracted position that is caused by extracting premolars. If the tongue throws the gauze out of the mouth while talking, moving, lifting a heavy object, or swallowing, then the TONGUE IS REFUSING TO ACCEPT THE SIMULATED RETRACTED POSITION CAUSED BY EXTRACTIONS, and one can conclude that extractions interfere with natural tongue movement. It is always biomechanically dangerous to interfere with natural movement of any part of the body. Any interference with the tongue can interfere with normal breathing, swallowing, enunciation, and posture. Observe patients with extractions carefully and you will see various degrees of interference. Any orthodontist or oral surgeon who extracts, causing interference, is violating the oath of “First Do No Harm”. CONCLUSION: ALL 32 TEETH SERVE A PURPOSE- they maintain the largest arch possible for optimal breathing, posture, and chewing, and orthodontists have an ethical obligation to teach children optimal posture and chewing exercises to optimally grow the arches, thereby preventing unnecessary orthodontics and extraction. CHILDREN HAVE A RIGHT TO PREVENTION AND TO GROW FULLY AND HEALTHY. It is always possible to grow the arches of children to accommodate all teeth. Your children don’t want extractions because their nervous system-proprioception- knows that it needs all teeth and more growing space. Orthodontists, who push for extractions, don’t have proprioception in your child’s mouth, so you should consider finding a myofunctional therapist, who will help your child optimize function, preventing the need for orthodontics.

  3. Parents and children should be aware that it is ALWAYS possible to find ways to grow enough width and forward space in the arches for all 32 teeth to optimally intercuspate, while optimizing forward tongue space, nasal space, spinal posture, and chewing, which are functional requirements that are priorities over subjective aesthetics. Correct tongue and spinal posturing from birth throughout life is a natural way to ensure this. There are newer orthodontic appliances which can grow more width and forward space for even the most crowded children and adults, so please do your own research to avoid EXTRACTION ORTHODONTICS, which is NOW an OBSOLETE, AVOIDABLE, and therefore, UNETHICAL approach. THE MAIN POINT IS THAT ALL TEETH SERVE NUMEROUS FUNCTIONS SO THEY MUST ALL BE PRESERVED. If extraction orthodontists want to continue extracting, then they will continue to select biased, retrospective studies on extractions and apnea with incomplete, invalid experimental design controls to support their Business Model. There are no studies that demonstrate that extractions are safe for spinal posture or for chewing a healthy diet. There are numerous cases of extractions causing a forward head position, reduced airway, forward head posture with strained necks, and severe chewing inability with a restricted diet-EXTRACTIONS CAN GO HORRIBLY WRONG. As parents, please listen to your children when they say that they want all of their teeth-it is for a reason: they can feel how their tongue, mouth, and teeth are needed just as they can feel how all toes are needed.

  4. IN the study, “Evidence supports no relationship between OSA and extraction”, the Methods section says that they DID NOT view skeletal structure. What if 90% of the extraction cases developed a forward, upward head posture to compensate for a narrowed airway and learned to distort their spine to avoid OSA? And, only 10% maintained correct spinal posture, resulting in their development of OSA ? If the 90% were forced to sleep with correct posture, would they all develop OSA? The OSA incidence from extractions could be closer to 100% when compensation is considered.
    Or, looking at skeletal evidence could prove that extractions cause spinal deformation!
    This study is clearly INCOMPLETE, and it does not reveal the full picture of the skeleton.
    IT IS UNETHICAL and UNSCIENTIFIC TO PASS THIS STUDY OFF AS VALID OR TO EXTRACT BASED UPON IT. Please don’t believe everything the unconscionable ortho industry says. It always safer to preserve all 32 TEETH.


    Orthodontists and Oral Surgeons make more MONEY extracting and closing spaces than educating children and parents about the prevention of malocclusion. Some orthodontists invent unnecessary, dangerous treatments: 1. An OVERBITE can actually be a HEALTHY sign that the tongue is pushing the maxilla forwards where the tongue wants it to be. As long as a child holds a round apple with both hands and bites into it evenly from each side, the chewing forces will guide the mandible to grow forwards until the incisors meet perfectly. Indigenous people bite into food with their incisors and pull it away with both hands, tearing it, while synchronizing the growth of their maxilla and mandible. NEVER EXTRACT OR USE HEADGEAR. 2. CLASS 2 Malocclusion does NOT need orthodontic treatment as long as a child with erupting teeth gently bites a round carrot, while rotating it to encourage intercuspation of opposing canines and premolars. Simply rotate the carrot to direct the cusps, roots, and bone of the mandibular canine and premolars forwards, simulating the mechanics of Class 2 elastics. ALL ANIMALS WITH ERUPTING TEETH DO THESE EXERCISES TO INTERCUSPATE WITH PERFECT OCCLUSION. Only Humans cut food and use a fork, preventing these healthy, biomechanically correct exercises. If you want to AVOID ORTHODONTICS, then observe how indigenous people and animals chew because they have perfect alignment. Think creatively in a 3-D way about how you can angle, rotate, and chew on curved and round, natural foods to help erupting teeth intercuspate. You may consider consulting with an ingenious mechanical engineer, a physics professor, or a mathematician on ways to chew food to align teeth without ortho because they can provide an intelligent, unbiased, new perspective. Or, share your ortho records with a scientist (without sharing the ortho’s plan) and independently ask what he would do to preserve all 32 teeth.