Ask Dr. Park: How To Clear Your Stuffy Nose (5/10/11)

In this Ask Dr. Park teleseminar, I answer your questions about how to clear your stuffy nose. Here are some topics I’ll cover:

– How to clear your stuffy nose

– The real reason why allergies can ruin your sleep

– The truth about septoplasty and what you must know before any nasal surgery

– Turbinates: The forgotten nasal structure

– Why your sinus pain and headache may not be an infection

– Do Breathe Right Strips work?

– Nasal saline irrigation: Helpful or hurtful?

– Nasal problems with CPAP


Click here to order the MP3 recording ($17)

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2 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Park: How To Clear Your Stuffy Nose (5/10/11)

  1. How do allergies affect your sleep? Supposedly if you have a headache in your forehead this sinus.What else could it be? If you were subjected to toxins in the past,would this lead to problems like asthma and other problems? I breathed in acid fumes a few times and I worked with various types of paint thinner;MEK,7d4 toluol. I was also subjected to a powder called K-6. I believe this may have had caustic soda in it.I have been diagnosed with asthma and sleep apneaa.I had an eardrum pop a couple of years ago due to a virus that infected the inner ear.

  2. i just started cpap with the humidifier and i use it at 3 or 4 every night. but, it has been severely cold here single digits, have the furnace running so much. use a portable larger humidifier in living room, but, wake up and my nose is burning bad on both sides and it is like glue and uncomforbable and irritated and have light yellow stuff comes out along with blood pieces at times. i tried using some lanolin in each nostril at night, that does not help. it is medical grade. i irrigate with distilled water and a pinch of salt with a netti pot once or twice a day, but, it feels uncomfortable and i have to blow a lot and a week or so ago i started dripping water and was annoyed with blowing clear stuff all the time, now it has changed color and the blood thing is kind of annoying and scary? i am 75 and need this machine, but,how can i help this problem? i also get sneezing spells sometimes many times at one time? help?