How I Stay Thin, Happy and Healthy [Podcast 48]

In this episode, Kathy and I go over 10 steps that I take to stay thin, healthy and happy.

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7 thoughts on “How I Stay Thin, Happy and Healthy [Podcast 48]

  1. Watched your video. Had severe symptoms 10 days eventually had test and procedure at a PT. If the symptoms are caused by sleep deprivation or other. Then why does the procedure,essentially redirecting stones,work.? Or do the other possible causes you discuss cause the stones to move in the canal. I had no trauma etc. Curious and don’t want a recurrence if I can eliminate causes. Thanks for your time. PATTI Paso Robles, Calif

  2. Ms. Claude,

    Everyone has stones that fall off and regenerates. However, if your inner ear sensors are more sensitive on one side (like a vestibular migraine) from pro sleep, then the moving stones will bother you more.