Hotels That Promote Better Sleep

There’s been a trend in recent years by hotels to cater to people who have sleep problems during their stay. One hotel in particular is the Benjamin Hotel in New York City, which employes a sleep concierge. A New York Times journalist chronicled his odyssey of trying to get some shut eye over the course of the night. After reading the entire article, I’m not sure if the journalist actually got a better night’s sleep.

Sleep problems while traveling are a major source of sleep deprivation, from time zone changes to unfamiliar surrounding, and disrupted sleep routines. Having a sleep program such as what the Benjamin offers is a step in the right direction, but seems limited in what they can offer (different pillow selections, higher quality bed sheets, eye masks, etc.). It seems that a hotel guest is the perfect opportunity to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea, using some of the simpler screening tests that are available. They could also do a better job of emphasizing better sleep hygiene, such as not eating close to bedtime or not watching TV just before going to bed.

How well do you sleep when you travel?

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