What to Eat When You’re Sick and Tired with Alyse Levine

During this teleseminar, you’ll learn how to:
  • Avoid giving in to your cravings, especially those temptations that come when you’re feeling tired
  • Adapt a healthy lifestyle where you begin to crave only the healthiest options
  • Live and sleep better by changing your eating habits
Alyse Levine M.S., R.D. is the founder of Nutritionbite LLC, a nutrition consulting practice based in Los Angeles. Alyse provides private, individualized nutrition counseling to promote general wellness and treat a wide range of nutrition-related diseases. Alyse’s philosophy is based around eating CLEAN – Choose a variety of healthy foods, Limit portions, Eat slowly, Assess your hunger, No deprivation.
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A registered dietician and top-notch nutrition expert, Ms. Levine’s insights on health and nutrition are eye-opening and enlightening. During this 57 minute call, Alyse answers your burning questions on health and nutrition.
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