Beat the Sugar Habit (Before it Beats You) with Peter Lappin

From Dr. Park’s Expert Interview Series, where holistic health counselor and nutrition expert, Peter Lappin, discusses his proven and effective methods for beating your worst sugar addiction.
Learn how to:
  • Gain control over your sugar cravings
  • Conquer the sugar blues that leave you feeling listless
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth with natural, wholesome foods without feeling deprived
  • How to avoid the hidden sugar in so many supermarket foods
  • Improve your own and your family’s health by cutting some sugar out of your diets
Peter Lappin, a certified holistic health counselor and coach, founded Vibrant Living NYC in 2006 with a mission to help busy New Yorkers in demanding careers bring much needed balance to their hectic lives. “Only then,” he says, “can we perform at our best and enjoy optimal health and happiness. Peter’s workshops, groups, and individualized counseling programs, which have been featured in Time Out New York and the Village Voice, introduce his clients to his holistic approach to health, which encompasses not only diet but also stress management, loving relationships, positive self-image, purposeful work, and pleasurable physical activity. Click here to learn more.
Peter Lappin, holistic health counselor and nutrition expert

An immensely knowledgeable health counselor and top-notch nutrition expert, Mr. Lappin’s insights on health and nutrition are eye-opening and enlightening. During this 57 minute call, Peter answers your questions. Buy your copy of this special event today, available in four easy-to-access formats:

MP3 audio recording, $17

PDF digital transcript, $7


MP3 recording + PDF transcript, $20

Start Breathing, Sleeping, and Living Better with Dr. Park’s Expert Interview Series!

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