Expert Interview: Healthy Eating For Sleep Apnea With Maria Alexandra Bella

In this Expert Interview, dietician Maria Alexandra Bella will talk to us about Good Nutrition for Sleep Apnea. We’ll discuss:

1.Ways to avoid becoming hungry if you stop eating  within 3-4 hours of bedtime.

2. Why is it important to eat a good breakfast?

3. Some common myths and misconceptions about food choices and nutrition

4. Practical tips on choosing healthy ingredients without paying too much?

5. Nutritional pitfalls to avoid during the holiday season.

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8 thoughts on “Expert Interview: Healthy Eating For Sleep Apnea With Maria Alexandra Bella

  1. Hi,

    I have another question that need to clear the doubt of what are the ways to avoid hungry and cold during winter which makes many gain weight during winter season especially to the osa patients? Following after winter one need to do what to return back the the right BMI in order to help on APNEA?



  2. What should someone eat who does an extreme aerobic/anaerobic workout three times per week? I am lean and fit and I have severe OSA and use CPAP.

  3. My son’s breathing might be adversely affected by his milk consumption. I have cut this down considerably. Should I also reduce his yogurt intake a lot?