Expert Interview: Dr. Michael Mew On “Breathing & The Modern Melting Face”

In this Expert Interview, Dr. Michael Mew gives us a talk on “Breathing and the Modern Melting Face.” Dr. Mew and his father, Dr. John Mew, are pioneers in functional orthodontics. I’m confident you’ll find it a fascinating discussion.

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3 thoughts on “Expert Interview: Dr. Michael Mew On “Breathing & The Modern Melting Face”

  1. Please address successful orthodontic treatment impact on the compensations for airway management associated with the jaw-tongue-throat relationship, namely: Stress response (physical, behavioral and psychological impacts), forward head and total body posture and parafunctional habits (including bruxing, clenching and oral-facial habits including and not limited to tongue thrusting (Keeps tongue out of throat) and lip pursing, etc.

    What do you see as a possibility in the dental field in combining with the medical field in studying the structural and functional relationships that impact and are impacted by the anatomy, including the subtle changes observed in phonetics that minor changes in rugae size and form have in full dentures that must apply to the mouth, breathing, airway, and anatomical position and posture of the tongue, hyoid, epiglottis and other associated structures in this incredible complex. What new specialty or specialties need to be created to study and address this area that controls the body’s first priority for survival according to CPR priorities of A-B-C (Airway-Breathing-Circulation)?