Expert Interview: Dr. Jeff Rouse on TMJ and Sleep Disorders

PreviewScreenSnapz001In this teleseminar, I interview Dr. Jeff Rouse, about the relationship between TMJ disorders and sleep-breathing problems. 


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6 thoughts on “Expert Interview: Dr. Jeff Rouse on TMJ and Sleep Disorders

  1. I’ve been on a Respironics System One CPAP for two months. Within a week of getting on the machine (my AHI was 10) I noticed a dramatic reduction in my tmj clicking. I hadn’t expected there to be a correlation – it was extraordinary.

  2. Jeff: Please comment on the growing recognition of the clinicans ability to alter an existing craniofacial status that is less than ideal related to function/disfunction,airway and facial underdevelopment. What is the impact of epigenetic theory and the trophic premise concerning amelioration of perceived underdevelopment of face,airway and maxillomandibular complex. Thank you for your opinion and dedication to dispersion of information in this arena